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Making Uniqueness the Status Quo

CustomQuo is a digital tailoring service that helps you create clothing fit for you, designed by you, to feel like you. No more clothes that don't look or feel how you want them. Easily design and order clothing online with CustomQuo.

All of our clothing is made to order, with love, by local tailors in Nigeria
CustomQuo Mission

Our mission

We make it easy to get clothes that always fit you - style, and body.

Our vision

We’re crafting a world where uniqueness is the status quo.

CustomQuo Vision
CustomQuo Purpose

Our purpose

We’re here to break the mold of fashion.

CustomQuo's Values

We make clothes that fit, instead of making you fit the clothes. Our items are made to measure so that they unqiuely and perfectly fit you.

We make uniqueness the status quo. Customers design their own clothing so that it is unique to them.

We prioritize forever over fast or cheap. Our clothing is built to last, to be reworn, and to make a statement for a lifetime. We optimize for our customers and the environment.

We showcase creativity in our clients and tailors. Every piece of CustomQuo clothing is a wearble expression of how you live in the world.

Who we are

CustomQuo Founder Khadijah Robinson holding a coffee cup
Khadijah Robinson, Chief Question-Asker at CustomQuo

I was tired of clothes that don't fit, that were made for someone with a body nothing like mine. I was tired of clothing that would be perfect except this one little thing I don't like. I was tired of having an image in my mind of how I wanted to look and feel, but no way to make it real.

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